It all started with these images. We won them for 10 "good points".

Curiously, most of them represented animals. Pets and others more exotic, mysterious, magnificent, terrifying ...
For hours I contemplated and handled these small paper trophies. Then I carefully stored them.
The beginnings of a collector's soul?
Later, I made animated images my profession. This allowed me to travel around the world and from all these trips I brought back lots of images, films, photographs and also banknotes.
The fiduciary value of this paper money never meant anything to me. Only the lines, the colors, the atmospheres, the talent of the illustrators and the engravers, motivated this passion. This is how my collection began, which, little by little, with the contributions of friends and friends of friends, has expanded.So I decided to specialize it around the theme of animals.

April 2021 - 551 banknotes (241 participations), 828 animal details, 154 countries, 5 (organization and territories).

A participative site

My goal is to create a very exhaustive bestiary of paper money.
It is not the banknotes I have in my small collection that will allow me to achieve this goal. So why not do it together?
If by browsing this site, you think you can complete the proposed sections and thus contribute to this challenge, you just have to go to the "Participation" page (there, you will find the technical modalities to send me your images).
Only together we can give meaning to this challenge…

The zoo